Pillalamarri Banyan Tree

National Attraction – Pillalamarri 800 year old Banyan Tree: The most interesting place to see in Mahabubnagar is the famous banyan tree called Pillalamarri, which is about 4 Kms from the town. There is a tomb of a Muslim saint under the tree. From a distance, the tree presents the appearance of a small hillock with green foliage but on reaching closer it looks like a large green umbrella under which at least 1000 people can easily take shelter. It is a 800 year old banyan tree and its branches extend over an area of 3 acres. In Telugu, “pillalu” means children and “marri” means a banyan tree. Hence, Pillalamarri means banyan tree with children. There is also a mini zoo and an archaeological museum to visit.

The place is at a distance of about 90 Kilometers away from Hyderabad. Nature never gets exhausted while showing its creativity. And a human never gets exhausted exploring the wonders and marveling the creations of this maverick magician. Nature has always tried to surprise humans with marvelous creations, and it continues to do so. The great Banyan trees called Pillalamarri is one such artistry stoke of Mother Nature. The tree attracts many people.

The tree stands is a special attraction for the visitors touring the Mahaboobnagar district. Keeping the increased popularity in mind, the tourism department has set up a small exhibition centre here. Many statues and sculptures are exhibited in the exhibition. The place also has a spiritual significance as an ancient ShivaTemple which was submerged under the Srisailam Project has been relocated here. Other attraction here is the mini zoo with animal parks and bird park.

Pillalamarri can be reached by road, at a distance of 6 km from Mahabubnagar town.Mahabubnagr can be reached by road and rail from Hyderabad, nearly 100 km away.