Ugadi Festival Celebrations

Ugadi is the also one among the renowned telugu festivals better known as the Telugu New Year day which begins in the month of The Chaitra (April or May). The people in the region celebrate this day with enthusiasm and the celebrations for the festival begins weeks prior to the festival. On the festival day, people decorate their house entrances with mango leaves in order to please their beloved deity Kartik who is called to be very fond of the mangoes.

Ugadi Pachadi is the famous dish that is associated with the festival and contains as many as six different types of ingredients. The six different flavors are said to define the six different types of feeling that you are going to face in the upcoming year.

Ugadi festival,the Telugu New Year,was celebrated with gaiety & religious zeal at District Collectorate.District Collector along with District Officials participated in “Panchanga Sravanam” & Ugadi celebrations organized by District Administration at Collectorate premises.