Mines & Geology


As per the Formation/Re-organization of Districts by the State Government, the Mahabubnagar District consists of 26 Mandals covered in 2 Revenue Divisions. The major activity in the District is quarrying of Building material, Quartz, Feldspar, Black Granite, Colour Granite.

 Mahabubnagar District forms a part of stable Dharwar Craton of South Indian shield. It exposes rocks of peninsular Gneissic complex of Dharwar Super Group.

The minerals Quartz and Feldspar are occurring as veins / reefs / mounds etc., in pegmatite veins of proterozoic age which are mainly used in Glass and Ceramic Industries.

The Black Granite occurs in the District as basic dykes of Dolerite of proterozoic age. The Colour Granite occurs in the District as Granodiorites of archean age.

The Rough Stone & Road Metal occurs in the District as Granite / Gneiss of peninsular Gneissic Complex of Archean age.

It is submitted that the Department of Mines and Geology, is investigative, Administrative, promotional arm of the State Government in the Mineral Development. This office is carrying out the functions of Regulatory, Promotional and collection of Mineral Revenue to the State Exchequer. The Regulatory work involves receipt, processing of applications under Mineral Concession Rules. Inspection of applied areas / leased out areas, to monitor conservation and controlling of illicit Mining and Quarrying and transportation of Minerals. Besides this, this office will be collecting the Mineral Revenue from the Lease holders to the State Exchequer. This office will not take up “Development Schemes and Welfare Schemes”.

The details of Mineral Revenue Targets allotted by the Govt. for the year 2017-18 (Upto December- 2017) and achievement is given below.

Total Target for the year 2017-18 is Rs. 2342.81 Lakhs.


Month Target Achievement Percentage
April 140.57 248.62 176.87
May 164.00 263.40 160.61
June 187.42 237.59 126.77
July 164.00 286.65 174.79
August 164.00 146.26 89.18
September 164.00 391.58 238.77
October 187.42 136.36 72.76
November 210.85 456.12 216.32
December 210.85 95.21 45.16
January 234.28 131.37 56.07
February 257.70 1342.28 520.87
TOTAL- 2085.09 3735.44 179.15


Name of the Employee Designation Cell No.
Sri S. Mohan Lal Asst. Director of Mines & Geology 9440817778
Smt. N. Bharani Royalty Inspector 9949222359
Sri M.A. Khaleel Ali Khan Superintendent 9908096786
Smt. R. Sujatha Surveyor 9676430057