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General Elections to Telangana State Assembly 2018

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Election Orders:

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2) Nodal Officers of Various Cells (PDF 82.6 KB)

3) MCMC Proceedings (PDF 893 KB)


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Returning Officers Details :

Assembly Constituency Code Assembly Constituency Name Assembly Constituency RO Name Assembly Constituency RO Mobile No Assembly Constituency RO Email Assembly Constituency Ro Designation Assembly Constituency Reserved Category Assembly Constituency Total Polling Booths
73 Narayanpet Ch.Srinivasulu 9000101503 RDO NARAYANPET General 263
74 Mahabubnagar J Srinivasulu 9000101500 RDO MAHABUBNAGAR General 263
75 Jadcharla K.Venkateshwarlu 9121236000 DRDO General 243
76 Devarakadra Vasantha Kumari 8008901002 CEO ZP General 268
77 Makthal KVV RAVI KUMAR 9441154488 PA to Spl. Collector, LA, Bheema Project General 275


1 ARO-73-Narayanpet Sri K.W. Vinay Kumar Tahsildar,Damargidda 9000101468
2 ARO-73-Narayanpet Sri G. Ramulu Tahsildar,Dhanwada 9000101469
3 ARO-73-Narayanpet Sri Shaheda Begum Tahsildar,Koilkonda 9000101446
4 ARO-73-Narayanpet Nagalaxmi Tahsildar,Marikal 9100901423
5 ARO-73-Narayanpet Sri. G.N.V. Raju Tahsildar,Narayanpet 9000101464
6 ARO-74-Mahabubnagar Sri P.Srinivasa Reddy Tahsildar,Hanwada 9000101448
7 ARO-74-Mahabubnagar Sri T. Venkatesham Tahsildar,MBNR (Urban) 9000101445
8 ARO-74-Mahabubnagar Sri N. Rajendhar Reddy Tahsildar,MBNR (Rural) 9100901417
9 ARO-75-Jadcherla Sri V.Venkateshwarlu Tahsildar,Balanagar 9000101452
10 ARO-75-Jadcherla Sri Y. Srinivasa Reddy Tahsildar,Jadcherla 9000101449
11 ARO-75-Jadcherla Sri Ram Chandraiah Tahsildar,Midjil 9000101461
12 ARO-75-Jadcherla Sri R.Raju Tahsildar,Nawabpet 9000101447
13 ARO-75-Jadcherla Sri C Narsing Rao Tahsildar,Rajapur 9100901421
14 ARO-75-Jadcherla P.Srinivas Reddy Tahsildar,Urkonda 9100904709
15 ARO-76-Devarkadra M.K.Ravindranath Tahsildar,Addakal 9000101451
16 ARO-76-Devarkadra Sri M. Mahender Reddy Tahsildar,Bhoothpur 9000101450
17 ARO-76-Devarkadra Sri R.Raju Tahsildar,CC Kunta 9000101476
18 ARO-76-Devarkadra Sri C. Krishnaiah Tahsildar,Devarakadra 9000101478
19 ARO-76-Devarkadra Sri Muneppa Tahsildar,Moosapet 9100901422
20 ARO-76-Devarkadra Sri P.Shankar Tahsildar,Kothakota 9000101525
21 ARO-76-Devarkadra Smt N.Sindhuja Tahsildar,Madanapur 9100904738
22 ARO-77-Makthal Sri P.Vijay Kumar Tahsildar,Krishna 9100901424
23 ARO-77-Makthal Sri N. Vidya sagar Reddy Tahsildar,Maganoor 9000101466
24 ARO-77-Makthal Sri Bheemaiah Tahsildar,Makthal 9000101465
25 ARO-77-Makthal Sri K.Srinivas Tahsildar,Narva 9000101477
26 ARO-77-Makthal Sri M.Srinivasulu Tahsildar,Utkoor 9000101467
27 ARO-77-Makthal Smt G.Kalyani Tahsildar,Amarchinta 9100904732
28 ARO-77-Makthal Sri JK Mohan Tahsildar,Atmakur 9000101475