Sri Lakshi Chennakeshava Temple-Gangapuram (Jadcherla Mandal)

Gangapuram is one of the important temples existing in South India and it is mentioned in Skandha Purana. This place is located about 5 kms from Jadcherla towards Kalwakurthy in Mahaboob Nagar District. The place became very famous during the reign of Chalukya kings of Badami. The Chalukya King of Kalyani Sri Thrailokya Malla Someswarudu (1042 A.D. to 1063 A.D.) built Kesava Swamy temple. From then this place was known as Kesavapuram. Earlier it was called as Mayapuram, Mathsyapuram and Dhurithapuram etc. The main deity of this temple is Sri Kesava Swamy and the sculpture here is very attractive. There is an evidence of Jaina Kalamukha and Shaiva religions spread here. Every year festival of this temple will be celebrated on the day of Radhasapthami and people participate in this event on a large scale.

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