Sri Swayambhu Lakshmi Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Gudeballore:

Long back this area was called as Gundilaranya. Once Mandvya Maharshi is going to Tirupathi for participate in Brahmostavas, when he reached to Krishna River, it was flowing fully and he received a message from the God to to stop at Gundilaranya and these only God will come to him, and went for Tapas for 8 months, then he got the mercy of Land Venkateshwara, and during the period of Tapas the cowboys has given the cow milk for Maharshi as food so here the all types of Pujas will be done by that particular family who called as Golla. Every year in Chaitra Masa Brahmotsavas will be conducted for 15 days (from Chaitra Padyami to Pournima). Lakhs of people from Karnataka and Maharashtra to participate in these Brahmotsavas.