Audit-State Audit


After the Re-organization of districts by the Government of Telangana, the Mahabubnagar district consists 26 mandals covered in 2 Revenue Divisions. The Majarity activity in the district of our department is to do the audit on the a/c’s of Local bodies and submitted the report to Government through our Director of State Audit, Telangana, Hyderabad.

Functions of the Department:

It is submitted that the department of state audit is to do the audit on the a/c’s of local bodies i.e., Gramapanchayats, mandals including BRGF audit, Zilla Parishad audit, University audit, Urban local bodies audit, Relief audit (under 2245 Head of account SDRF) HRI & C.E’s (Temples) audit, Pre and post audit in AMC’s (including work audit) and other miscellaneous audits done by our staff and submit a report concerned Executive Authorities through Dist. Audit Officer.

If any misappropriations, excess payment has been found, they may be issue special letters and surcharge certificates to concerned Executive Authorities for repayment and also inform to Government through our Director for necessary action.

And our department also verified and authorized the pension cases of Class –IV employees, Police department upto ASI grade and Z.P. staff (PRI Institution) upto Superintendent cadre and also authorized VRA pension in Revenue department. Totally we have authorized 72 department pensions in the district.

This office will not take up any “Development scheme and welfare schemes The details of audits to be done as per Approved Action Plan by the Director of State Audit, Telangana, Hyderabad for the year 2017-18 and achievements given below in Mahabubnagar district for the year 2017-18.

Sl.No Name of the Institution Audit Target Period to be done Achievement Percentage
1 Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha 1 May-2017 100% 100%
2 E-seva 4 May-2017 100% 100%
3 Sainik Welfare Board 1 May-2017 100% 100%
4 Official Receiver 1 May-2017 100% 100%
5 DCIC 1 May-2017 100% 100%
6 Employee Welfare Board 1 June-2017 100% 100%
7 Village Insurance Scheme 1 June-2017 100% 100%
8 ACDP 1 June-2017 100% 100%
9 Rythu Bazar 1 June-2017 100% 100%
10 TSBOCW 1 June-2017 100% 100%
11 Agriculture Market Committees 7 June-2017 100% 100%
12 Municipal Council 2 July-17 to Aug-17 100% 100%
13 Nagara Panchayats 1 July-17 to Aug-17 100% 100%
14 Palamuru University 1 July-17 to Aug-17 100% 100%
15 Mandal Parishads 21 Sep-17 to Dec-17 100% 100%
16 Gramapanchayaths 468 Sep-17 to Dec-17 100% 100%
17 Zilla Parishad 1 Sep-17 to Dec-17 25% Under process
18 HR & CEI’s 19 Jan-18 0% 0% (due to non production of records by concerned authorities)
19 Relief Funds (under 2245 head of a/c, 7 departments) 7 Feb-18 0% Intimation has sent to concerned department for audit.

Key Contact Numbers of Audit Department (PDF 45.6KB)