Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers

Sri Sangam of Krishna and BheemaRivers,Tangidi (V),Maganoor (M) :

Importance of the Destinations :

Sangam is a place of Mersing of Krishna & Bhima Rivers Located at the Border of Karnataka State. BhimaRiver merges with Krishna here. According to Guru Charitra (Dattatreya Charitra), this Mersing Point known as Nirvruthi Sangamam. This is very pure place (holistic) for the Hindus. The river Krishna and Bhima are having a special role in Hindu Culture. River Bhima flows hear to South side. This is equal to GangaRiver at Kashi, holi place at Gaya people will get the “Punya” when they bath at “Pushkara” and one more thing is Dattatreya Swamy moved on the bank of this river. So, it is very pure (holistic place) and having important role in Hindu Mythology.

This Sangamam is known as “NIVRUTI SANGAMAM”. According to Gurucharitra, Swamy Sreepada Vallabha incarnation of Dattatreya is place “KURUVAPURAM” is very near to this Sangamam. As this place having special importance and this Sangam is only the entry place of KrishnaRiver in to Andhra Pradesh so this Sangam having Important role.

In 1557-58, the King of Vijayanagara “Ramaraya” defeated Bahumam Sultans and adjusted a pact over Sultans of Kutubshahi, Adikshahi, Nizamshahi and Barid Shahi on the bank of this Sangamam. So, this place having the historical importance also.