Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samsthana Peetham,(Sri Datta Peetham), Pasupula (V), Makthal (M)

 Jagadguru Sri Dattatreya Maha Samsthana Peetham

A place which was famous for Datta cult, which is connected with Lord Dattatreya, 700 years ago, the same place is named as Srikshetra Sri Vallabhapuram by his holiness Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vittalananda Saraswati Maharaj. He has constructed a new DattaTemple in this holy place.

The Pilgrimage of Sripada Srivallabha: Sri Pada left the house, taking the permission of his mother, visited many Kshetras on foot, took a dip in many Thirthas. He toured throughout the North India and purified those places. He blessed many great souls and seekers of salvation. With spiritual wisdom (Gnana), he turned many unrightful persons into rightful persons making them understand their defects. In his tour, on the way he reached Gokarna Kshetra and stayed there for few years performing penance. There also he set right many sadhakas correcting their defects and the practice of Yoga. Then he proceeded to Srisailam and performed penance for some time. Srisaila Kshetra became more pious and powerful on account of his penance. Afterwards he came to Kuruvapuram Agraharam, which is existing in the riverbed of Krishna. He selected that place for his abode and for his penance. During his stay there he removed serious difficulties for the devotees, who visited him, he blessed the devotees with money and their desired objects. Even today with his divine blessings the devotees are fulfilling their desires, who visit that place.

Many devotees have recognised and served Sri Pada Sri Vallabha as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Even then he did not exhibit his devine power extensively but he rescued many people who approached him with different difficulties and ailments. Sri Vallabha used to go to the other bank of the river Krishna daily from Karuvapuram and was sitting on a huge stone and performing Surya Namaskaras during the dawn. Even today the devotees are clearly seen and prostrating to the impressions of his feet and hands. If one wants to reach that place he has to cross the river Krishna from Karuvapuram and reach the North bank of KrishnaRiver. This particular place is called Sri Kshetra Sri Vallabhapuram today. The Pada Sri Vallabha Swamy showed some wonderful leelas from this place.