Roads & Buildings

Brief Note on Department :

Mahabubnagar R&B Division having the Juridictions of all 26 Mandals of Mahabubangar District this is covered 3.Nos of Assembly Constunecy fully ie.,Mahabubanagar (3Mandals), Jadcherla (Mandals), and Narayanpet (5Mandals), and partly four assembly constituency ie., Deverakadra (5Mandals), Makthal (5mandals), Kodangal (2Mandals) and parigi (1Mandal), the lenth of this division hering 923.635 kms,

The department dealing with construction of state roads, Major district roads and Rural Roads ,the roads are taken of for District to State Head quarters , Mandals to District Head quarter and mandal to Mandal Head quarters etc., and also taken up construction of bridges and building works ,

The division having following 3 Subdivisions and 13 sections listed below :

1. Mahabubnagar Sub – Division:-

  1. Mahabubnagar roads – Mahabubnagar urban, Mahabubnagar rural Boothpur, Nawabpet
  2. Mahabubnagar Buildings – Mahabubnagar Buildings work.
  3. Jadcherla :- Jadcherla, Midjil, Rajapur & Balanagar.
  4. Deverakadra :- Deverakadra,Moosapet,Adakal.
  5. Koilkonda :- Koilkonda,Hanwada.
  6. MSO Section :-Office work.

2 Makthal Sub –Division

  1. Makthal: – Makthal, Krishna, Maganoor & Utkoor.
  2. Narva:- Narva.
  3. CCkunta:- CCkunta.

3 Narayanpet Sub -Division.

  1. Narayanpet: – Narayanpet, Marikal, Dhanwada.
  2. Maddur:- Damaragidda, Maddur.
  3. Kosgi :- Kosgi.
  4. Gandeed :- Gandeed.

The division also having the inspection bunglows situated at mahabubnagar, Jadcherla, Makthal, Deverakadra and Kosgi.

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