Schemes :

Department for Cooperative Societies regulatory functions. No schemes are implemented.

Department Activities :

  • Cooperative societies regulatory functionaries under Telangana Coop. Societies Act 1964 and MACS Act 1995.
  • Registration of Cooperative Societies
  • Elections to the all Coop. Societies
  • Audit of all Coop. Societies including Functional Registrar’s Societies.
  • Enquiries, Inspections & Surcharge under Section 51, 52 & 60.
  • Liquidation of the Coop. Societies.
  • Procurement of Paddy, Maize & Redgram from the Farmers by the PACSs through Civil Supply/ Markfed/ HACA
  • Supply of Seeds & Fertilizers to the Farmers by the PACSs through IFFCO/Markfed/ HACA
  • As per Telangana Coop. Act & MACS Act other functions.

Contact Numbers of Cooperative Department (PDF 178 KB)