RWS & Sanitation

Activities of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department and Mission Bhagiratha:

The RWS&S Department deals with water supply released works in 1305 Rural Habitations of Mahabubnagar. The Department will execute the works like Constructions of OHSR’s, Laying of Pipeline, Drilling of Borewells, fixing of Pumpset and erection of RO plants. The Department comprises with on section officer in each mandal called as Assistant Executive/ Assistant Executive Engineer, who monitors the supply of potable water in co-ordination with village Secretary/Surpanch in every constituency of respective habitations (Gram Panchayath). In every Constituency one Deputy Executive Engineer is deployed to supervise over the section officer and to monitor the MVS schemes, SVS schemes in his Jurisdiction.

The RWS&S Department Laboratory Consultant and personals look after the water quality Monitoring of Mahabubangar District.

According to 73 & 74 constitutional Amendment Act the water supply scope divided in 3 categories.

  • MVS (Multi Village Schemes) to be owned operated by the Zilla Praja parishads headed by Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Praja parishad, Mahabubnagar.
  • (The Single Village Scheme (SVS) are own cooperated by Village (Panchayath) Secretary of concerned Gram panchayath.
  • The hand Pumps Maintenance lies with concerned MPDO in their Mandal Jurisdiction.

For above 3 category of works the creation of assets will be made by department and Handed over to local bodies and one technical assistance will be given by the concerned RWS&S department official in their Jurisdiction.

Apart from above, the Mission Bhagiratha scheme is a Flagship programme taken up by Government of Telangana to Provide potable Drinking Water to every House hold in 1305 habitations of Mahabubnagar constituency 100 litres per capita per day. The Intra Village works were taken up by the departments and all works are in progress. An action plan were prepared to complete the entire Mission Bhagiratha House Hold connection works by 31st July-2018.

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Tap Connections:

In Mission Bhagiratha every House hold will be given the tap connection and if any leftover is there they can approach the village secretary of concerned Gram Panchayath.

Further, for Bulk Supply of water to the Industries, institutions, Residential colonies and private organizations they can apply through online in this website mentioned. Further clarification/any problem arises they can approach the concerned Deputy Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer of that locality and contact Numbers were mentioned in App.