Circulars / GOs (State)

Circulars (District)

Circulars (DPO)
G.O. Rt. No. 4 Circular11-1 (Public places institutions and organizations closed) Circular12-9 (Tahasildars appointed as a Civil Supply Officers) circular1 (General Instructions)
G.O.Ms.No. 13 Circular11-2 (Isolations facilities) Circular12-10 (Instructions to Palle Pragathi Special officers) circular2 (Instructions to officers reg-Janatha curfew)
G.O Ms No.63 Circular11-3 (Quarantine facilities) Circular12-11 (Closure of Toddy shops) circular3 (National disaster management instructions)
G.O Rt No.45 Circular11-4 (Quarantine facilities) Circular-12-12(FOOD BANK) circular4 (Fogging Instructions to Gram Panchayaths)
G.O.Rt.No. 160 Circular11-5 (Arrangements) Circular-12-13(Mobile Store) Circular5 (Corona Virus reside at Local PS & Sarpanch)
Circular DME Circular11-6 (Janatha curfew) Circular 12-14( Contact Details of Medical Professionals Recruitment
G.O. Rt. No. 163 Circular11-7 (Daily report) MSOs(Tahsildars appointed as MSOs for essential commodities) Circular7 (Duties in lock down period)
Covid 19 Advisory to the employees attending Office Works Circular11-8 (Public Health and security) Circular 12-15  (Migrant labours food, etc.,  facilities) Circular8 (Fogging mission purchase)
Circular.2123 quick survey and Annexure Circular11-9 (Quarantine Home) Circular9 (Govt employees precautions)
G.O. Rt.No -13.pdf Circular11-10 (Quarantined watch teams) Circular10 (MGNREGS work for farmers)
Circular11-11 (Preventive measures) Circular11 (Panchyath Secretaries resided at head quarter and take necy actions.)
Circular12-1 (Minutes of the Meeting) Circular12 (Conducting Sanitization special drive)
Circular12-2 (Monitoring, Tracing and Tracking teams)
Task Force (Task force)
Circular12-3( Veg sellers orders)
Circular12-4 (Traders & Merchants orders )
Circular12-5 (Jadcherla mandal-core team-orders)
Circular12-6 (Urban core team orders)
Circular12-7 (Gathering of musallies exceding (5) members
Circular12-8 (Staff have been drafted in order to receive and guide observants)
MGNREGS – Instructions