23/11/2018 - 13/12/2018


Awarness Programme At Eminent Places

Mini Tank Bund, in Mahabubnagar is a eminent place in Mahabubnagar and Awarness programme on EVM & VVPATs is conducted at the Mini Tank Bund (Pedda Cheruvu).

Replica of Voting Machine

We have designed a very large 12 feet high replica of the EVM machine and proportionally sized VVPAT machine that can be installed at junctions and that is designed to last till the next general elections. This will communicate the importance of voting to all those passing by.

Selfie Point

Selfies is the biggest craze among youth and is the best way to go viral among the first time voters. So we have designed “I Love Mahbubnagar” Selfie point which will have the prefix ‘I will vote because’ which will make every person taking selfie a brand ambassador of voting. This will drive the message effectively and there will be much impact on the First time & Young voters.

Polaroid Style Photo Points

These photo points will be put up in all mandals of Mahabubnagar district. There will  be much impact of the Polaroid photos, as people will tend to take photos and post in social media, thereby taking the message to larger numbers effectively. Since this is to be installed at numerous locations the reach will be very heavy.

Polling booth in Virtual Reality

This virtual reality application that can be used on VR headgears will be an effective medium to reach out to audiences who are bored with traditional medium of communications. These headgears can be carried to villages in preinstalled android phones. Audience can wear them and can look around in a polling booth. They can see all the officers at work and when they turn towards any officer, they will get audio instructions like ‘show your id card’, ‘show your finger for putting the mark’, ‘go to kiosk and press the relevant button to see the VVPAT machine print the symbol of your candidate’ etc.

Face book Augmented Reality

This application which would be first to be used in India will enable people to use their face book app to see themselves in Augmented Reality with National flag on their face and  ECI logo. They can also open their mouth to have ‘I will Vote’ pop up in front of them’. The novelty and uniqueness of the app will make it a sensation and the link for the same can be made available through all communication materials including, banners, posters and leaflets.

Video Songs

We will develop a peppy video urging people to vote in a dialect that they can connect and showcasing the diversity of the district.


We will develop creative’s that will catch immediate attention of the people and will  have impact on communicating the need to vote and the ease of the process. For the same we will do the required photography and graphics.

Social Media

We will keep the netizens of the district updated on the latest activities through creatively designed posts in social media and also engage them through contests, trivia and content with viral orientation.

Target Audience

Voters in the Mahabubnagar constituency.

Objective :

To encourage voters using known Telugu sayings, to vote in order to do their bit in  resolving persistent issues in their constituency. To remind voters that cribbing about the issues or and discussing them amongst each other is not the solution, but casting their vote is a powerful move that has the potential to bring about real change.